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Crazy Zombie 3: Eschatology Hero
Crazy Zombie 3: Eschatology Hero

Crazy Zombie 3: Eschatology Hero

9/10 - 316 votes
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The world is in chaos and 90% of the population has been transformed into bloodthirsty zombies. The last hope of mankind rests in the hands of a few heroes with great powers. In addition to Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Skullomania, Shimo or SonSon, Crazy Zombie v3.0 introduces two new characters: Mega Man Zero and Mina Majikina (Samurai Shodown). This beat'em up/fighting game features 4 different modes, hideous and gigantic bosses as well as the ability to upgrade your character.

Game Controls:
WASD: Move
AA/DD: Run
UIOJKL: Attacks
J+K: Special Attack

See also: Crazy Zombie 5

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