Man or Monster
Man or Monster

Man or Monster

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World major capitals are in danger and you will have to choose your side: the man or the beast! From Tokyo to Amsterdam, via Moscow or Paris, these cities were targeted by an alien attack of giant monsters. By opting for humans, you'll have to save civilians and protect buildings by deploying your meager units: tanks, helicopters, boats, ... Embodying the creature, you'll have to destroy everything in your path through your colossal strength, fire blow, tail spins, toxic gas or by pouring an army of spiders on the city. Featuring a Lego / Minecraft-like 3D engine, Miniclip gives us here a rare game which definitely has to be tried.

Game Controls:
WASD / Arrows: Move
Left Mouse Button: Attack
Right Mouse Button: Jetpack (Man) / Secondary attack (Monster)
Mouse Wheel: Select (bottom bar)
Space: Use (bottom bar)

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