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Royal OffenseRoyal Offense
Bloons TD 5Bloons TD 5
Zombie WorldZombie World
Carrot Fantasy 2: DesertCarrot Fantasy 2: Desert
Brave KnightsBrave Knights
The Keeper of 4 elementsThe Keeper of 4 elements
Zombo BusterZombo Buster
Cursed Treasure 2Cursed Treasure 2
Kingdom RushKingdom Rush
Plants vs ZombiesPlants vs Zombies
Shorties's Kingdom 2Shorties's Kingdom 2
Elite Squad 2Elite Squad 2
Gumball: Pizza-pocalypseGumball: Pizza-pocalypse
Wasteland SiegeWasteland Siege
Elite SquadElite Squad
Royal SquadRoyal Squad
Tesla Defense 2Tesla Defense 2
The Expendables 3: TDThe Expendables 3: TD
Royal WarfareRoyal Warfare
Battle of HeroesBattle of Heroes
Enigmata Stellar WarEnigmata Stellar War
Multishop TycoonMultishop Tycoon
War of the ShardWar of the Shard
GemCraft Chasing ShadowsGemCraft Chasing Shadows
House of WolvesHouse of Wolves
Tesla: War of CurrentsTesla: War of Currents
Guard of the KingdomGuard of the Kingdom
Infectonator Survivors: ChristmasInfectonator Survivors: Christmas
Dino AssaultDino Assault
Infectonator 2Infectonator 2
Battle CryBattle Cry
Airborne Wars 2Airborne Wars 2
Spectromancer: Gathering of PowerSpectromancer: Gathering of Power
Incursion 2: The ArtifactIncursion 2: The Artifact
Miragine WarMiragine War
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Strategy games are mainly characterized by the need to plan your actions, both in the short-term (tactic) and longer term (strategic vision). The player acts usually as a military leader commanding armed forces involved in a war to conquer or defend territories.

They fall into two main categories:
- Real-time: The most common today, at least in online versions, these games require you to react in real time to the actions of your opponents.
- Turn-based: This operation mode, mainly inspired by board wargames, freezes time to allow players, each in turn, to decide their actions for the next round.

Online games are particularly rich in strategy games and offer the advantage of being playable easily, for free and without registration. You will find on Gameslol a wide selection of the best games of this type, especially "Tower Defense" (TD) which are currently the most populars.