Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

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1,000 years ago, a devastating war of mages threw the world into chaos. Following this, magic was relegated to oblivion and technology was favored. But a tyrannical emperor revived these old and so dangerous forces and threatens again the balance of the world...

RPG lovers beware! You have in front of you a true masterpiece that marked the RPG genre forever, with a perfect gameplay, a fascinating storyline and splendid music. Released in 1994 on console Super Nintendo (SNES), Final Fantasy VI is undoubtedly the most popular installment of the series and is a must-have for any player wishing to undertsand the origins of the success of this legendary saga.

FF VI is playable here in English, directly online, without any software or plug-in to download.

Game Controls:
Enter: Start
Shift: Select
Arrows: Move
X: Button A
Z: Button B
C: Button X
S: Button Y

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