French Tarot
French Tarot

French Tarot

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Play French Tarot online against 3 computer-controlled players. The French Tarot is played by 3 to 5 players with a specific deck of 78 cards (52 "classic" cards + 21 trumps + 4 Cavaliers + the "Excuse"). Once the cards have been dealt, each player in turn can decide to bid (Small, Guard, Guard without the dog, Guard against, Slam). To succeed in his contract, the player who won the auction must score a number of points depending on the number of oudlers he has (56, 51, 41 or 36 points); the oudlers corresponding to the following 3 cards: "Petit" (1 of trumps), 21 of trumps and Excuse. This French Tarot game is free, without registration and particularly well done.

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